I Like Being Alone, In Some Point

Hi fellas!

Finally I write again, hehe.

So, this is my first-actual-post in 2016.

Well, let’s begin!

I like being alone, in some point, of course. Because when I’m alone, I can enjoy myself and everything around me. I feel calm. I feel so peace. I can think about everything that’s going on. Or thinking about the future. Or do some reflection about what I’ve done in the past. I like being alone because I can be myself without worrying about what people think about me.

Speaking about being alone, I like to go somewhere alone, by myself. Because I can go wherever I wanna go. Like today…

So, today I go to Chinatown by myself. Actually I was asking some of my friends to go with me, but it didn’t go as I expected. They have some business to do. And then I decided to go by myself.

I chose Chinatown because it’s almost Chinese New Year, so I expected there’d be a celebration there, or at least, they have some lampions (chinese lantern), but, then, again, it’s not as I expected.

Chinatown gate

After I get out from the metro station, I see the famous Chinatown gate. But no lampion. Not even one. I feel disappointed somehow, but, hell yeah, I’m here, let’s explore!

I decide to walk around. I have no destination. I just keep walking until I see a big building that attracts me; the MLK library! I come inside to the library and go upstair to the second floor. I walk around to find the teen section. But unfortunately it’ll be close in 15 minutes. So, I decide to go out and walk again. An idea suddenly come up to my brain; go to the spy museum! The museum is actually near the other metro exit, but because I’m bad at reading a map, I walk far away from the museum and it’s past 5. The museum close at 6. I don’t wanna spend $22 for one hour visit, that’s too much, and I’m broke. I’m keep walking and walking and then I arrive in the regal theater. I don’t go to the theater tho, I just walk around there and “accidentally” find a street crepe. The crepe is soooooo good!! I get the nutella banana one. It costs about $6 but it’s so damn yummy, so no regret! After get the yummy crepe, I go back to the metro station. On the way back, I see a candy store named It’s Sugar. Because it looks so “cute”, I decide to go there and see if there’s something that I can buy. This store is so “cool” it’s like a candy heaven y’know?! It also sell unique things, like a fart toy and a cricket snack which is making me shake my head. Like why they sell a cricket snack. I mean cricket? Who wanna eat cricket?! After walk around the store for about 15 minutes, I finally buy some mix candies, bean boozle, and sherlock’s bar. Those costs about $12. I finally go to the metro station because it’s almost 7. It’s almost dinner time and I want to eat at home. I don’t want to spend money anymore.

street crepe


Those yummy bean boozle
Mix candies+bean boozle+sherlock’s bar


Da crickets tho


At metro station, I meet my friends! I meet Achraf, Egeman, Eisha, Corra, Kasumi, and Maddalena. And fyi, I meet Eisha coincidentally twice this week. And our meeting turns out to be a long walk. I follow Achraf, Egeman, and Maddalena. Achraf and Egeman wanna go to see a play in a theater, and because me and Maddalena don’t wanna go there, we decide to go to Metro Center and go home.

Well, that’s my Saturday night story.

See you on my next post!