I Like Being Alone, In Some Point

Hi fellas!

Finally I write again, hehe.

So, this is my first-actual-post in 2016.

Well, let’s begin!

I like being alone, in some point, of course. Because when I’m alone, I can enjoy myself and everything around me. I feel calm. I feel so peace. I can think about everything that’s going on. Or thinking about the future. Or do some reflection about what I’ve done in the past. I like being alone because I can be myself without worrying about what people think about me.

Speaking about being alone, I like to go somewhere alone, by myself. Because I can go wherever I wanna go. Like today…

So, today I go to Chinatown by myself. Actually I was asking some of my friends to go with me, but it didn’t go as I expected. They have some business to do. And then I decided to go by myself.

I chose Chinatown because it’s almost Chinese New Year, so I expected there’d be a celebration there, or at least, they have some lampions (chinese lantern), but, then, again, it’s not as I expected.

Chinatown gate

After I get out from the metro station, I see the famous Chinatown gate. But no lampion. Not even one. I feel disappointed somehow, but, hell yeah, I’m here, let’s explore!

I decide to walk around. I have no destination. I just keep walking until I see a big building that attracts me; the MLK library! I come inside to the library and go upstair to the second floor. I walk around to find the teen section. But unfortunately it’ll be close in 15 minutes. So, I decide to go out and walk again. An idea suddenly come up to my brain; go to the spy museum! The museum is actually near the other metro exit, but because I’m bad at reading a map, I walk far away from the museum and it’s past 5. The museum close at 6. I don’t wanna spend $22 for one hour visit, that’s too much, and I’m broke. I’m keep walking and walking and then I arrive in the regal theater. I don’t go to the theater tho, I just walk around there and “accidentally” find a street crepe. The crepe is soooooo good!! I get the nutella banana one. It costs about $6 but it’s so damn yummy, so no regret! After get the yummy crepe, I go back to the metro station. On the way back, I see a candy store named It’s Sugar. Because it looks so “cute”, I decide to go there and see if there’s something that I can buy. This store is so “cool” it’s like a candy heaven y’know?! It also sell unique things, like a fart toy and a cricket snack which is making me shake my head. Like why they sell a cricket snack. I mean cricket? Who wanna eat cricket?! After walk around the store for about 15 minutes, I finally buy some mix candies, bean boozle, and sherlock’s bar. Those costs about $12. I finally go to the metro station because it’s almost 7. It’s almost dinner time and I want to eat at home. I don’t want to spend money anymore.

street crepe


Those yummy bean boozle
Mix candies+bean boozle+sherlock’s bar


Da crickets tho


At metro station, I meet my friends! I meet Achraf, Egeman, Eisha, Corra, Kasumi, and Maddalena. And fyi, I meet Eisha coincidentally twice this week. And our meeting turns out to be a long walk. I follow Achraf, Egeman, and Maddalena. Achraf and Egeman wanna go to see a play in a theater, and because me and Maddalena don’t wanna go there, we decide to go to Metro Center and go home.

Well, that’s my Saturday night story.

See you on my next post!




New York is Never Enough

Hi fellas!

It has been a month since my last post, well, I apologize.

First I wanna say Happy Eid Al-Mawlid An-Nabawi and Merry Christmas!

Time flies so fast, in about 6 days we will have a new beginning. I’m kinda happy and sad. But hey! I don’t write this post to talk about it. I wanna talk about New York! So here we go;

Two weeks ago my AFS chapter had a trip to New York and because I really wanna go there since forever, so I decided to go. New York isn’t not that far from WDC. It’s just 4 hours driving. It’s like Malang-Lumajang without any traffic jam (yea, of course).

In New York i just went to some places in the town because I got lost with my friend, Margaux, there. Yea, we went along the way to New York and we got lost. But, hey it was fun. I mean got lost in New York, isn’t it sound fun??! Over there, Me and my squad (wohoo!) went to Central Park. In Central Park we saw New York City from the high rock. So in the Central Park there are a lot of “high rock”. And from the rock we can see (almost) the entire Manhattan. Beside that there are some places that we can visit there. Like the zoo, ice skating ring, and etc. Before we went to the Central Park, Me and Margaux went to Rockfeller Park to meet the other after we got lost. We also went to Broadway, and of course Time Square! It was so much fun there. I mean hey! It’s Broadway and Time Square. Being In Time Square was making me amazed. MY DREAM CAME TRUE! And it was just unbelievable. I could stand in Time Square and felt the atmosphere of New York. Someone said, “If you can make it here (New York), yu can make it anywhere.” And I’ve made it there. The question now is: Can I make it anywhere else? I hope I can.




Well, when I was there I didn’t get the opportunity to see The Empire State Building or Uno Headquarter or 9/11 Memorial Park or The Statue of Liberty, but for me those things are the reason I should come back to New York soon someday.

New York is never enough. There are always some reasons to go back to New York. See you soon, New York!


Hi fellas!

First I wanna say Happy Thankgiving for y’all guys. Be blessed for all that you’ve gotten in your life.

Okay so, because so many people ask me “Sekolah di Amerika itu gimana sih?” so I decide to write this post. I hope it help answer your curiousness. And I will write it in Indonesian. Check it out!

[P.S. What I write down below are based on what I’ve experienced in my school; Woodrow Wilson Senior High School]

No Uniform

Iya, di Amerika sekolahnya nggak pake seragam. Pake apa aja boleh. Mau pake pajama, boleh. Pake tanktop, boleh. Pake beha doang juga selaw. Yang penting mah pake baju aja. Eh tapi nggak semua sekolah bisa sebebas ini. Biasanya yang nggak pakai seragam itu public school. Kalau private school biasanya mereka pakai seragam. Bukan seragam semacam seragam di Indonesia. Tapi seragam disini lebih ke kaos polo yang ada nama sekolah+celana kain. Atau baik public or private school biasanya punya dresscode gitu; what to wear or not to wear. Tapi, di sekolahku nggak ada dresscode, jadinya ya bebas mau pakai apa aja.

Choose the Subjects

This is what I like from American HS; I can choose what I wanna learn. Jadi disini itu kita bisa milih pelajaran spa yang kita suka. Even pelajaran wajib masih bisa milih. Jadi pelajaran wajib di sekolah itu ada empat; History, Math, Science, and English. Dan itu bisa milih, misalkan matematika mau ambil Algebra or Trigonometry or Geometry or Pre Calc or Calculus. Dan menurutku ini efisien banget karena kita belajar sesuai apa yang kita mau. Kita juga jadi lebih fokus. Nggak seperti di Indonesia yang mana kita diwajibkan bisa semua pelajaran, padahal belum tentu kita suka sama pelajaran itu. Kayak saya harus bisa kimia karena saya anak IPA, padahal saya nggak suka sama kimia. Jadi saya terpaksa belajar kimia karena tuntutan kelas IPA. Sorry not sorry for saying that but that’s the fact tho.

A Lot of Subjects

Yes in America we have a lot of subjects that we can choose! Mulai dari yang bikin pusing kayak AP Calculus sampai yang asik-asik kayak Film Making. Saking banyaknya jadi bingung mau ambil course yang apa. But menurutku ini menguntungkan sih karena bisa belajar spa yang kita suka dan sesuai sama passion kita. Dan lagi disini lebih banyak praktek daripada teorinya. Jadi menurutku berguna banget buat di dunia kerja nanti. Karena kita tau cara aplikasi ilmu kita. Nggak cuma bisa teori tapi nggak bisa nge-aplikasi-in di kehidupan sehari-hari.

No Seniority

Ini nih yang keren. Nggak ada senioritas di Amerika. Karena apa? Karena nggak ada yang gila hormat. Di Indonesia kalau udah jadi kakak kelas, gila hormatnya minta ampun. Selalu pengen orang-orang melihat dirinya sebagai “kakak kelas”. Kalau di Amerika mah boro-boro, kadang sekelas isinya mulai dari freshman (9th grade) sampai senior (12th grade). Jadinya nggak ketahuan mana adik kelas mana kakak kelas. Dan itu asik ajasih buatku.

The Exam

Jadi disini itu ujian-ujiannya langsung waktu akhir tahun. Dan biasanya ujiannya adalah AP Exam. Terus lagi disini ujiannya kalau essay kita harus bener-bener ngejelasin sampai mendalam, pokoknya bener-bener detail gitu. Oh iya disini kita ada yang namanya PSAT or ACT. Itu tuh kalau di Indonesia semacam SBMPTN. Tapi kita ambil testnya waktu kelas 11 atau 12. Dan ngambilnya setahuku sih bisa berkali-kali sampai memenuhi target nilai. Selain ambil test itu buat masuk kuliah kita harus bikin portofolio (biasanya essay).

Okay so all that I can share with you guys. I hope it help you to know more about HIgh School in America. See you on the next post! Xoxo.

Four Weeks in A Row


I’m so sorry for the-very-late-update. I’ve been so busy (or lazy?wkwk). So, I will post what happened in the last 4 weeks. Check it out!

Homecoming Week (October 20-24, 2015)

Homecoming is a culture in American School. In homecoming week, we dressed up in particular themes like “Favorite Decade” or “Class Color”. But well, in my school only 5% who dressed up during the homecoming week. I thought it because they were too lazy too dressed up. I was not totally dressed up, I just dressed up in three out of four themes; Twin days (that came out as triplets for me, Lizzy, and Nazrin), DC Pride, and Class Colour. In the last day before the homecoming party, we had a pep rally. All the classes worn their class color shirt (Class of 2017 worn White!) and we did a face painting. We gathered in the gym and did a lot of fun.

The main event of homecoming week is homecoming party. Sadly, I couldn’t go to the Wilson’s homecoming party but TC’s homecoming instead. Well it was worth it though. It was the first real party ever haha.

HALLOWEEN! (October 31, 2015)

TRICK or TREAT? Halloween was so fun! I carved a pumpkin and all the kids that came to do trick or treat in my home loved it. I dressed up as a witch. I went to a halloween party in Egemen’s house. I met another AFSers there. We did trick or treat and turned out got lost in the neighborhood. I also fell down in someone’s house stairs-_-. But i didn’t care because I got a lot of candies! Yeay!. After did trick or treat and got to Egemen’s house safely, we had s’mores, and watched a cheesy-zombie-movies entittled Warm Bodies. I really love Halloween! I hope that was not my last halloween.

National Public Radio (November 11, 2015)

It was my officially 3 months living in USA. I was so happy yet sad. I was happy because I can survive till 3 month but it was mean that only 7 months left. Well anyway, I had a private tour to National Public Radio with my YES/FLEX friends. The NPR was totally so cool! I like that. That day also the first day I met my Indonesian friend, Cathay, after 3 months. I was so happy! Because she was healing my indonesian-friend-sick. And I also could speak bahasa indonesia properly haha.

Indonesian Cultural Night 2015

Indonesian Cultural Night 2015 was an event that held by PERMIAS (Persatuan Mahasiswa Indonesia di Amerika Serikat) DC. It was my second time volunteering and I got directly 9++ hours hahaha. I also got a committee tag and it was the coolest committee tag that I’ve so far. The event took place in the Embassy of Indonesia. My Indonesian friend, Silvia, also did volunteering. And I was so happy because I could meet her. I also met a lot of Indonesian people and made friends with some of them. And the best part of this event were the foods! Yes, I could eat sate kambing and tempe goreng, not just once, but a couple times haha. I also could drink es cendol. I had a really fun night!

Okay, that’s all I can share with you. See you in my next post! Xoxo.

The Weekend

Hi fellas!

It’s been a long time since my last post. Forgive my laziness. No, actually I’m not lazy, but I just didn’t have time to write in the weekend because I had a lot of fun to do in the weekend.


I had an overnight AFS camp. It was fun! I met almost all the DC area kids. It was actually an arrival orientation but it didn’t feel like an orientation. So, after me and the other students arrived in the camp, we put all our stuffs in the room and then we had sessions in a small group. In that session, we discussed everything about afs with our group leader. At break, me and some other girls did henna tattoo. Mishkat (from India) and Yumna (from Pakistan) did the henna for me and it was so pretty! Then at night there was a talent show. Me and other SP students did the waving flag together. After the talent show we had a free time. I played cards with students from China, French, and Austria. And I went to bed around 1.45 am (the other students went bed around 5/6 am!). In the next morning, we continued our session and had a game and then we back home.

Proudly waved Sang Saka Merah Putih

After the orientation, me, Aidana, Songul, Achraf, and NJ went to the turkish festival. We went there by metro together. In the festival, we did volunteering. We also met Eisha there. I was volunteering in kids tent. I helped them to make a bracelet, put a temporary tattoo, etc. In kids tent I met Sarah. She’s a cute-four-years-old-russian-girl that stole my heart. She’s so damn cute. She couldn’t stop talk with me. When she was coloring she always sang the color that she use. I hope I can meet her again someday.

Took a picture with turkish costume
Eisha, me, and the cutiest girl; Sarah


It was Yumna’s birthday party! So, I met her and her sister, Achraf, and Hadia in Democracy Mall’s food court because we had dinner together (actually I was late, I came when they just finished their dinner-_-). After that we went to Yumna’s house. We celebrated Yumna’s birthday with a delicious cake, a 17 candle, and 2 games. It was so fun! After the party ended, the girls had a sleepover. We watched a movie; House for Dogs and cried because it was so emotional movie. In Sunday morning we had a pakistani breakfast which was so delicious.

Me, the birthday girl; Yumna, and Aidana


Long weekend! I had no school on Friday so I could wake up late in the morning. I had a brunch and chill. At night, me, mom, and NJ picked up 2 of buffalo’s kids (Shradda from India and Mireia from Barcelona) who stayed at my home for weekend.

Saturday, 10/10, I went to some place in DC with afs buffalo. First we went to Arlington cemetery (I had no idea why we went there). After that we had a tour inside The Capitol building. Then we went to Haz Space Museum which was so cool! I really love that museum. In there, I tried a simulation which was so fun. The 1st day trip ended at Jefferson Memorial.

The Capitol
Me&Hadia in front of the simulator
The Jefferson’s Memorial Park

Sunday, 10/11, we went to National Zoo. For me, Taman Safari is more interesting than the National Zoo. After the zoo, we had a lunch in rock creek park. Then we went to The White House, but sadly we just could see it from the outside.after that we went to Washington Monument. We went inside the monument and saw all the entire DC from the top of the monument. It was so cool! After the monument, me, Aidana, and Mishkat, just walked around the National Mall, had ice creams, and sat in the park. Then our trip ended in Lincoln Memorial. I like the Lincoln memorial with the reflection pool, and the washington monument as its background, plus the blue-purple sky and the sunset. They’re a beautiful cominbination.

In front of The Lincoln’s Memorial Park
The Lincoln Statue

Well, that’s all I can tell to you. See you in the next stories! Xoxo.

The Untold Stories

Hi fellas!

It has been a busy weekend so I can’t post anything here.

Hmm saya mau ngepost pake bahasa indonesia aja ya, hehe.

Actually last week was so awesome!

Pas hari Jumat minggu lalu, saya ada field trip sama Model United Nation class. Guess where? The World Bank Group office! So awesome! Dari Wilson kita naik metro bareng dan jalan 2/3 blok dari “stasiun” metro. Sampai sana kita langsung ke cafeteria. And you know? Cafetaria-nya asoy banget gila. Makananannya dari babi sampe yang halal ada. Dessertnya enak parah. Dan lagi ngga mahal-mahal banget. Rasa bintang lima harga kaki lima lah. Pantes betah orang-orang kerja di sana. Terus waktu makan, kita dapet goody bag gitu, isinya merchandise. Setelah makan, kita diajak ke suatu ruangan yang diman ruangan itu adalah boardroom! Nggak sembarang orang bisa masuk sini, even the employee. So we can say that we’re so lucky! Disana kita dijelaskan tentang worldbank secara general. Then we moved to another room. There were another speakers yang ngejelasin beberapa program world bank. Terakhir kita foto bersama di atrium.

Last weekend I had a “crazy” overnight orientation in Jody’s house with the sponsored program kids. Jadi kita yang anak-anak YES&FLEX ada orientasi khusus gitu. Orientasinya asik-asik ajasih. Cuma presentasi diri sendiri. Terus lunch with Turkiye cuisine. Malemnya we had dinner in Elevation Burger which is a halal burger dan saya, Songul, Aidana, Mariya, Achraf, and Yumna ke taman yang super cantik banget karena kita nungguin Jody nganter yang lain dulu. Anyway tamannya itu super romantic kalo buat malam mingguan /eaa. Then around 11 pm we walked in the dark. Ya emang terkesan kurang kerjaan, but it was really fun! The following day, kita minum Turkiye Coffe yang rasanya (menurut saya) kecut-kecut gimana gitu. Orientasi ditutup dengan foto bareng dan bikin video kita ngomong Tu Pagal Hai which means We’re Crazy! Mbikoz yha kita emang gila

Yesterday I celebrated Eid with my fellow AFS family! Jadi kita emang janjian gitu buat lebaran bareng dan kita milih Dar Al Hijrah sebagai tempt sholat. Masjidnya jauh juga dari DC, karena itu letaknya di Falls Church, Virginia. Sebenernya ada masjid-sekaligus islamic center- deket rumah saya, tapi katanya bakal too crowded ditambah downtown lagi macet cause the Pope was coming, dan lagi itu adalah titik tengah dari rumah kita semua. Setelah 2 bulan saya nggak ke masjid dan kemarin bisa sholat di masjid itu rasanya seneng banget! Kalau ada kata-kata yang lebih dari seneng saya bakal pakai kata itu. Setelah sholat, kita jalan passed the 7 corners to Eden Center. So, Eden Center ini tempat yang so Vietnamies gitu deh. Terus kita jalan balik ke arah masjid karena kita makan siang di halal restaurant! Malamnya saya dinner di Indonesian restaurant named Satay Sarinah. Ini satu-satunya resto yang pure indonesian cuisine. Makanannya jelas enak banget lah. Dan ternyata mas-masnya orang Lumajang-Malang juga. Berasa ketemu sodara haha.

Tomorrow I’ll spend my time in AFS camp! Hope it’ll be fun. Wait for the stories, guys! Xoxo.



So, today is 9/11. Remember that day? When WTC got bombed by the terrorist? As a moslem I apologize to the Americans about that. But, things that everybody should know is terrorist might be a moslem but MOSLEM IS NOT A TERRORIST. Please, I beg to all people in this world STOP JUDGE A MOSLEM AS TERRORIST. Well, I don’t want to talk about the WTC tragedy actually.

Anyway, today I’m officially 1 month in USA! *Claps* Time flies so fast. It’s just like yesterday I sat in the plane that brought me here, but today is my 31st days here.

Well, saya mau cerita tentang gimana saya bisa sampai di Negeri Paman Sam ini.

Buat kalian yang kenal sama saya, atau pernah main ke blog saya dulu, mungkin sudah tau gimana ceritanya saya bisa dapet beasiswa ke Amerika. Tapi buat kalian yang belum tau, here you go!

Dulu, Ibu saya pernah cerita tentang beasiswa ke luar negeri yang namanya AFS. Ibu saya tau program itu karena salah satu muridnya di SMAN 1 Lumajang pernah lolos AFS (fyi, Ibu saya guru bahasa inggris di sana). Karena cerita itu saya jadi pengen ikut kalau udah SMA nanti. Tapi waktu itu saya cuma sebatas pengen. Tapi, dari dulu saya selalu pengen ke luar negeri. Karena di bayangan saya luar negeri itu KEREN BANGET. Semua serba canggih, semua serba ada. Saya juga selalu iri kalau lagi baca cerita orang yang dapet kesempatan hidup di negeri orang lain, apalagi karena beasiswa.

Waktu masih kelas X, ada salah satu kakak kelas saya yang baru pulang dari Amerika lewat program YES, namanya mbak Layyin. Dan waktu tau hal itu dari temen-temen, hal pertama yang saya pikirkan adalah: Gila, mbak itu keren banget! Jadi pengen. Nggak lama, ada poster AFS di lorong sekolah deket kelas saya. Saya yang emang suka bacain poster -apapun- di sekolah langsung pengen ikutan. Tapi waktu itu saya masih ragu. Lha aku bisa apa mau ikut kaya gini? pikir saya waktu itu. Ya saya yang kata temen-temen suka overpede dan malu-maluin gini, tetep aja punya sisi nggak pede sama diri sendiri.

Saya inget banget waktu itu malem-malem di asrama temen saya, Rista, muter kamar nanyain anak-anak ada yang mau ikut tes AFS apa enggak. Waktu di kamar saya dia nanya, “Min, kamu ikut ngga?” saya jawab “Ngga tau, Ris. Bingung. Pengen sih, tapi aku ragu. Nanti ajadeh, masih tak pikirin” terus dia ngerayu saya gitu, saya inget dia bilang gini, “Gapapa coba aja. Masio nggak lolos yang penting kita kan udah nyoba”. Karena saya anaknya emang gampang luluh, jadi saya akhirnya ikutan. Waktu ngasih nama ke Rista saya belum tanya sama orang tua, boleh apa enggaknya, tapi waktu ngasih tau kalau saya mau ikut tes AFS, alhamdulillah mereka support saya.

Sebelum tes kita harus ngisi berkas gitu kan dan ngumpulin ke kakak panitia di chapter. Waktu jaman saya dulu semua “diorganisir” sama temen saya, Laras. Saya inget banget waktu mau ngumpulin berkas, saya sama Ainus ngumpulin paling akhir gara-gara nunggu nilai rapot SD. Saya sama Ainus juga bolak-balik dari gazebo ke koperasi buat ngeprint berkas.

Waktu tes tahap pertama, jujur saya ngga ngerti apa-apa. Tes pengetahuan umum saya banyak ngasalnya daripada jawab bener-bener. Yang saya tau bener ada soal yang isinya lirik lagu Imagine dan ditanyain penyanyi siapa. Saya bersyukur sering dicekokin lagu-lagu lama sama Bapak saya, jadi saya tau itu jawabannya John Lennon hahaha. Ini semua karena saya cuma bener-bener belajar semalem sebelum tes. Karena segala kesibukan sekolah dan susahnya dapet wifi jadi ya.. gitu deh. Saya cuma ngandelin doa, hasil belajar kilat, dan ingatan pelajaran IPS waktu SD&SMP. Pas tes bahasa inggris saya cuma pasrah aja gitu, walaupun soalnya kayak UN SMP, tapi banyak vocab yang saya nggak ngerti, mana waktu itu ngantuk banget, akhirnya tidur. Essaynya juga saya ngasal aja jawabnya. Di saat temen saya bikin kerangka essay yang super terstruktur sekali di kertas buram, saya malah corat-coret karena ngga ngerti mau jawab apa. Pesan moral buat adik-adik yang nantinya mau ikutan tes, siapin jauh-jauh hari ya, adik-adik sayang. Jangan SKS kayak saya.

Saya sempet hopeless nggak bakal lolos, karena selain saya wallahu ‘alam ngerjain soal tesnya, saingan saya juga berat-berat. Tapi alhamdulillah, Allah kasih saya kesempatan untuk berjuang lagi di tes tahap kedua. Dari 50-an anak MAN 3 yang ikut tes tahap pertama, 7 orang lolos ke tahap kedua, dan saya salah satunya. Di tes ini saya pure mengandalkan kemampuan saya disertai pertolongan Allah. Karena tes tahap kedua ini tes wawancara.

Setelah 3 mingguan nunggu pengumuman, alhamdulillah nama saya lolos untuk maju ke tahap ketiga. Saya cuma bisa bersyukur sama Allah. Saya nggak pernah nyangka bisa sejauh itu. Di tahap ketiga saya juga cuma mengandalkan kemampuan diri dan pertolongan Allah, karena tes tahap tiga ini dinamika kelompok.

Pengumuman tes tahap 3 ini lumayan lama, sekitar sebulanan. Alhamdulillah saya lolos sebagai finalis chapter Malang buat maju ke seleksi berkas nasional. Dan setelahnya seleksi berkas internasional. Dari situ, saya terpilih jadi finalis nasional YES, yang dimana artinya saya harus ngisi berkas lagi dan tes sekali lagi di Jakarta. Selama seleksi berkas, banyak rintangan yang saya lalui. Dari mulai tes kesehatan, suntik ini itu, mohon-mohon ke ustadzah biar dibolehin pakai laptop di kamar dan bawa laptop ke sekolah, sampe minta izin buat dibolehin bawa tab ke mahad. Saya juga pernah pulang dan bolos sekolah buat ngisi berkas (eh yang bolos jangan ditiru ya!).

Ada satu hal yang saya inget dari Bapak saya. Waktu itu di masjid Bapak pernah bilang, “Bapak yakin, Yas, kamu lolos YES. InshaaAllah. Yang penting berjuang dan berdoa sama Allah.” Saya percaya dengan ridhonya orang tua itu ridhonya Allah. Setelah Bapak bilang itu, saya bertekad untuk berjuang sekuat tenaga buat dapetin beasiswa ini.

Sekitar bulan November, saya dan 8 finalis dari chapter Malang berangkat ke Jakarta. Dan hari itu saya pertama kali naik pesawat dan GRATIS (thanks YES!). Saya tes selama 3 hari di Jakarta. Ketemu sama temen-temen di chapter lain. Seleknas (Seleksi Nasional) ini seru abis, nggak kerasa kalau lagi tes. Karena kita bawa seneng, jadi nggak tegang gitu waktu tes. Tapi tetep serius ngejalanin semua tesnya.

Alhamdulillah, bulan Desember saya dapat pengumuman kalau saya dinyatakan lolos sebagai finalis program YES. Tapi perjuangan saya nggak berhenti sampai disitu. Saya masih harus cek kesehatan (total 3x), imunisasi dan vaksin berkali-berkali, belajar kebudayaan indonesia, dan nungguing placement (yang baru saya dapat H-3 sebelum ORNAS atau H-10 sebelum keberangkatan).

Hasil tak akan menghianati usaha. Hal itu benar. Setelah hampir 2 tahun saya berjuang untuk bisa mendapatkan beasiswa ini, setelah segala doa dalam sujud terakhir ketika sholat, Allah mengabulkan salah satu mimpi saya untuk bisa ke luar negeri -dengan beasiswa. Saya cuma bisa mengucap alhamdulillah sebanyak yang saya bisa. Karena saya sadar, tanpa Dia, saya bukan apa-apa. Tanpa Dia, saya nggak mungkin sampai sini.

Ada satu quote yang saya suka banget dari novel Sang Pemimpi-nya Andrea Hirata. Dan saya bener-bener percaya akan hal itu. Quote tersebut adalah: BERMIMPILAH KARENA TUHAN MEMELUK MIMPI-MIMPI ITU.

Tujuan saya cerita bukan karena saya mau menyombongkan diri tapi karena saya berharap kalian yang membaca ini berani untuk bermimpi. Setinggi apapun, sekonyol apapun, kalau kalian berjuang sekuat tenaga, inshaaAllah mimpi kalian akan jadi nyata. Selamat membangun mimpi-mimpi, semangat berjuang mewujudkannya!