A Productive Week

Hi Fellas!

I apologize for being so late to update my blog. I have a reason, ok?! It’s all because I was so productive last week!

(Well, I want to post it bilingual)

So, last week some yes students, Jody, and I went to Beth El Congregation Synagogue because kita mau ngajarin anak-anak yahudi tentang islam. Sebelumnya kita juga dapet tur singkat di synagogue. We saw the prayer room, the Torah (Jewish holy book) that written in hebrew, and many more. We also had dinner with kosher pizza. Kosher is kind of “halal” for jewish people. Dan seperti islam, mereka juga strict coal makanan loh! Harus kosher dan nggak boleh makan babi. After dinner we went straight to the mosque with a school bus! And it was my first time. I was so happy, hahaha. Along the way to the mosque, we introduced ourselves to each other and chat! I sat with Laila and she was so curious about islam. We talked about islam and jewish a lot!:) When we arrived at the mosque, we meet the imaam. His name is Rasul. Dan kita pun langsung ngajarin adik-adik ini wudhu dan sholat. Mereka antusias sekali! Banyak yang nanya. Tapi banyak juga bercanda sih. Well, kids alway like that tho. Setelah sesi pembelajaran itu, kita keliling masjid sedikit sit. Karena kita belajarnya di aula masjid. Setelah itu kita pulang.

On the weekend, I did slumber party at Silvia’s house! Finally after a long time planning this thing, it happened. And it was the most productive sleepover ever! Because, we were preparing for our presentation on Saturday. Yah, meskipun banyak ngobrolnya pas ngerjain board, tapi we did it kok. Hahaha. Oh iya, when I was at Silvia’s house I realize that I wasn’t afraid of dogs anymore. Dulu, anjing jarak 5 meter aja udah lari. Sekarang duduk sebelahan juga santai-santai aja, ehe. Now I know that dog loves me :p Well, back to the presentation. Jadi hair sabtu kemarin kita huh presentasi di girl scout meeting. We set up  table for Indonesia. We displayed some crafts, Indonesia batik map, Indonesian flag, indonesian money, and our presentation board. We also gave some “ketan hitam” (indonesian black-sweet-sticky rice). And everyone loves our stand! Dan mereka para amazed sama uang kita, because rupiah has a lot of zeroes! Oh iya, kita juga ngajarin mereka lagu anak-anak loh! Tapi, kita agak ubah sedikit lagunya. Karena point kita di lagu itu ngajarin mereka counting in indonesian. Lagunya jadi gini:

Satu-satu, i love my parents

Dua-dua, i love my siblings

Tiga-tiga, i love all of my friends

Satu, dua, tiga, i love all of them

And you know what?! Everyone loved it! They were really interested in learning how to count in indonesian and sing the song. Mereka sekali diajarin langsung hafal. Si Silvia juga nari topeng gitu, tapi anak-anak kecil banyak yang takut sama topengnya :’D But, overall, we stole the show! Every single person there said that they loved our performance! And we were so happy!

And so, that’s my story. See you soon on the next post!




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