When Indonesian Kid did Ski

Hi Fellas!

I know it’s already Monday and I supposed to update my blog last Saturday/Sunday. Actually I wanted to but I couldn’t do it because…..


Yas! This Indonesian kid went to a ski trip for the first time in her life after -almost 18 years.

So, me and the AFS people went up to Morris, Pennsylvania to do ski. The ski resort called Ski Sawmill.

It was so cold when we went there. Because the temperature dropped to -27 degree celcius or so. But, the Sawmill was so pretty especially when sunset.

I began to ski on Saturday morning after breakfast. First we had a group lesson about how to walk with the ski gear. It was so hard for me even for just stood up with the gear because i kept sled down. I needed an extra time to do that. After a little while I finally could stand up. The next challenge was to walk with it. And the struggle was real. It wasn’t easy to walk with the gear.I kept sled and fell down so many times, literally, many. And because of it, the instructor decided to give me a “private” lesson. My instructor name is Trish. He’s such a great instructor and he was so patient to teach me how to ski because I was so dumb.

me and eisha before all the “pain” began

After I could walk and handle myself a little bit, Trish showed me how to go uphill with T-bar.  And again, the struggle was real. It was uneasy as I watched people did it. I kept fell down and fell down and fell down. Once I could go uphill with it, I couldn’t get off of it. I tried to gett off as Trish told me how to do it, but I kept fell down again and again. Finally I could get off of it and then the other challenge faced me.

It was sledding from uphill to downhill. I was so scared to do it and I kept fell down so many times. I was so scare because I imagined how if I crashed or how if I hit the other people.

me tryin to look like a pro 😉

After the lesson ended, I took a break with Eisha (fyi, she’s my favorite ski partner). We took a break for about two (or more) hours.

We back to the the hill after we got enough food to eat. And this time, I kind of proud of myself because I got better. So much better. I could handle my self, I could stop without fell down (even though sometimes I still did it), and I could turn around. And then I began to say that I love ski! This time, bad things happened to Eisha. She fell down so hard and hurt her wrist so bad. So, we went to the ski patrol to get first aid (well, it’s actually some ice) for her.

poor my eisha

On Saturday night, we played some card games. And it was so fun because whoever lost we would put some make up on his/her face. And when we played the joker games (I actually don’t know the name of the game, but it’s a card game that whoever get the joker he/she lose). And it turned out that Esben lost, so we put some make up on his face. We also learnt how to curse on another languages. I know it’s so bad but hell yeah it’s fun hahaha. It’s so intercur(se)tural learning :p

sorry not sorry Esben :p

The next day, I went to ski again with Eisha and Rocio (but she did snowboard). I felt like my skill in ski improved. We did it for about two hours then we took a break. After the break, we went to tubing area with Hadia because we got vouchers for tubing. Tubing was also so much fun! Especially when we connected our tube and sled together. After some times Kasumi came and joined us. We did tubing for about an hour.

We had lunch after that. And then we back to the bunk house and just chill and played some games while we’re waiting for the time to go back. Before we went back, we took a group photo in front of the bunk house.

AFS never tired of group picture

Ski was so much fun! And somehow I learnt something from it. Not only learnt how to ski, but I also learnt that sometimes in life we would fall down so many times and hurt ourselves but once we’re willing to stand up and try again, we would nail it! All we need in life is just to be brave to try something that seems “impossible” for us to do. Because we never know if we never try. Like me,  It seemed impossible for me to do ski in the first place, but once I tried to do it, it turned out that I can do it and I love it!




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