The Weekend

Hi fellas!

It’s been a long time since my last post. Forgive my laziness. No, actually I’m not lazy, but I just didn’t have time to write in the weekend because I had a lot of fun to do in the weekend.


I had an overnight AFS camp. It was fun! I met almost all the DC area kids. It was actually an arrival orientation but it didn’t feel like an orientation. So, after me and the other students arrived in the camp, we put all our stuffs in the room and then we had sessions in a small group. In that session, we discussed everything about afs with our group leader. At break, me and some other girls did henna tattoo. Mishkat (from India) and Yumna (from Pakistan) did the henna for me and it was so pretty! Then at night there was a talent show. Me and other SP students did the waving flag together. After the talent show we had a free time. I played cards with students from China, French, and Austria. And I went to bed around 1.45 am (the other students went bed around 5/6 am!). In the next morning, we continued our session and had a game and then we back home.

Proudly waved Sang Saka Merah Putih

After the orientation, me, Aidana, Songul, Achraf, and NJ went to the turkish festival. We went there by metro together. In the festival, we did volunteering. We also met Eisha there. I was volunteering in kids tent. I helped them to make a bracelet, put a temporary tattoo, etc. In kids tent I met Sarah. She’s a cute-four-years-old-russian-girl that stole my heart. She’s so damn cute. She couldn’t stop talk with me. When she was coloring she always sang the color that she use. I hope I can meet her again someday.

Took a picture with turkish costume
Eisha, me, and the cutiest girl; Sarah


It was Yumna’s birthday party! So, I met her and her sister, Achraf, and Hadia in Democracy Mall’s food court because we had dinner together (actually I was late, I came when they just finished their dinner-_-). After that we went to Yumna’s house. We celebrated Yumna’s birthday with a delicious cake, a 17 candle, and 2 games. It was so fun! After the party ended, the girls had a sleepover. We watched a movie; House for Dogs and cried because it was so emotional movie. In Sunday morning we had a pakistani breakfast which was so delicious.

Me, the birthday girl; Yumna, and Aidana


Long weekend! I had no school on Friday so I could wake up late in the morning. I had a brunch and chill. At night, me, mom, and NJ picked up 2 of buffalo’s kids (Shradda from India and Mireia from Barcelona) who stayed at my home for weekend.

Saturday, 10/10, I went to some place in DC with afs buffalo. First we went to Arlington cemetery (I had no idea why we went there). After that we had a tour inside The Capitol building. Then we went to Haz Space Museum which was so cool! I really love that museum. In there, I tried a simulation which was so fun. The 1st day trip ended at Jefferson Memorial.

The Capitol
Me&Hadia in front of the simulator
The Jefferson’s Memorial Park

Sunday, 10/11, we went to National Zoo. For me, Taman Safari is more interesting than the National Zoo. After the zoo, we had a lunch in rock creek park. Then we went to The White House, but sadly we just could see it from the outside.after that we went to Washington Monument. We went inside the monument and saw all the entire DC from the top of the monument. It was so cool! After the monument, me, Aidana, and Mishkat, just walked around the National Mall, had ice creams, and sat in the park. Then our trip ended in Lincoln Memorial. I like the Lincoln memorial with the reflection pool, and the washington monument as its background, plus the blue-purple sky and the sunset. They’re a beautiful cominbination.

In front of The Lincoln’s Memorial Park
The Lincoln Statue

Well, that’s all I can tell to you. See you in the next stories! Xoxo.


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