New York is Never Enough

Hi fellas!

It has been a month since my last post, well, I apologize.

First I wanna say Happy Eid Al-Mawlid An-Nabawi and Merry Christmas!

Time flies so fast, in about 6 days we will have a new beginning. I’m kinda happy and sad. But hey! I don’t write this post to talk about it. I wanna talk about New York! So here we go;

Two weeks ago my AFS chapter had a trip to New York and because I really wanna go there since forever, so I decided to go. New York isn’t not that far from WDC. It’s just 4 hours driving. It’s like Malang-Lumajang without any traffic jam (yea, of course).

In New York i just went to some places in the town because I got lost with my friend, Margaux, there. Yea, we went along the way to New York and we got lost. But, hey it was fun. I mean got lost in New York, isn’t it sound fun??! Over there, Me and my squad (wohoo!) went to Central Park. In Central Park we saw New York City from the high rock. So in the Central Park there are a lot of “high rock”. And from the rock we can see (almost) the entire Manhattan. Beside that there are some places that we can visit there. Like the zoo, ice skating ring, and etc. Before we went to the Central Park, Me and Margaux went to Rockfeller Park to meet the other after we got lost. We also went to Broadway, and of course Time Square! It was so much fun there. I mean hey! It’s Broadway and Time Square. Being In Time Square was making me amazed. MY DREAM CAME TRUE! And it was just unbelievable. I could stand in Time Square and felt the atmosphere of New York. Someone said, “If you can make it here (New York), yu can make it anywhere.” And I’ve made it there. The question now is: Can I make it anywhere else? I hope I can.




Well, when I was there I didn’t get the opportunity to see The Empire State Building or Uno Headquarter or 9/11 Memorial Park or The Statue of Liberty, but for me those things are the reason I should come back to New York soon someday.

New York is never enough. There are always some reasons to go back to New York. See you soon, New York!


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