Long Weekend!

Hi from Washington, D.C.!

How’s life everybadeeeeh? Mine is so good. You know why? Because it’s long weekend!

And for celebrate this long weekend I’ve some fun things to do. Here you go:

Saturday, Sept 5th, 2015

I had chill time with myself. I woke up super late in the morning, and watched movies until afternoon!

At about 6pm, we went to the downtown to watch Shakespeare’s theater entitle: A Midsummer Night’s Dream. That was my first time watching a professional’s play and it was so amazing! I’m not a fan of Shakespeare, but i really love the show and the story itself. And FYI, it was FREE! Because it’s free so we needed to stand in a line to get the ticket. But no problem because it was so worth it. Ah ya, I also made an origami flower which was a simple shape from a flower in that story.

Before the show began, we had dinner in a fast-food restaurant (I forgot its name). I had a cheese burger, but not an american burger portion, I mean it’s really small portion. Smaller than KFC burger that I had in Indonesia. And fries and coke. And while I ate the food, I was enjoying every corner of the downtown.

In the end of the day, we had a gelato ice cream! It was because I looked a cafe (honestly I wasn’t really looking at it) and then my mom said, “Do you want an ice cream?” and I was like “Eh? Ah. Em… yeah” and my dad was laughing on me. Hash. I had chocolate hazelnut gelato and it was so delicious! I really like that!

Sunday, Sept 6th. 2015

Today I have my first baseball game! It’s Atlanta Beavers vs Washington Nationals. This is not my really-first baseball game actually because I ever seen baseball game when I was in MAN 3 Malang. But it’s my first professional’s game. And it’s so great! I really enjoy it. My mom and dad tell me a fun trivia about baseball game. So in America every kid grow with Cracker Jacks. Cracker jacks is a brand of sweet popcorn. It’s so popular here because when everyone watch a baseball game they SHOULD HAVE cracker jacks, peanuts, and hotdogs! So, I have all of them during the game! Hahaha. And anyway our team won, yeay! And my favorite player is Mr.Harper (his number is 34)!

Inside the stadium


See you in my next post, love!


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