Four Weeks in A Row


I’m so sorry for the-very-late-update. I’ve been so busy (or lazy?wkwk). So, I will post what happened in the last 4 weeks. Check it out!

Homecoming Week (October 20-24, 2015)

Homecoming is a culture in American School. In homecoming week, we dressed up in particular themes like “Favorite Decade” or “Class Color”. But well, in my school only 5% who dressed up during the homecoming week. I thought it because they were too lazy too dressed up. I was not totally dressed up, I just dressed up in three out of four themes; Twin days (that came out as triplets for me, Lizzy, and Nazrin), DC Pride, and Class Colour. In the last day before the homecoming party, we had a pep rally. All the classes worn their class color shirt (Class of 2017 worn White!) and we did a face painting. We gathered in the gym and did a lot of fun.

The main event of homecoming week is homecoming party. Sadly, I couldn’t go to the Wilson’s homecoming party but TC’s homecoming instead. Well it was worth it though. It was the first real party ever haha.

HALLOWEEN! (October 31, 2015)

TRICK or TREAT? Halloween was so fun! I carved a pumpkin and all the kids that came to do trick or treat in my home loved it. I dressed up as a witch. I went to a halloween party in Egemen’s house. I met another AFSers there. We did trick or treat and turned out got lost in the neighborhood. I also fell down in someone’s house stairs-_-. But i didn’t care because I got a lot of candies! Yeay!. After did trick or treat and got to Egemen’s house safely, we had s’mores, and watched a cheesy-zombie-movies entittled Warm Bodies. I really love Halloween! I hope that was not my last halloween.

National Public Radio (November 11, 2015)

It was my officially 3 months living in USA. I was so happy yet sad. I was happy because I can survive till 3 month but it was mean that only 7 months left. Well anyway, I had a private tour to National Public Radio with my YES/FLEX friends. The NPR was totally so cool! I like that. That day also the first day I met my Indonesian friend, Cathay, after 3 months. I was so happy! Because she was healing my indonesian-friend-sick. And I also could speak bahasa indonesia properly haha.

Indonesian Cultural Night 2015

Indonesian Cultural Night 2015 was an event that held by PERMIAS (Persatuan Mahasiswa Indonesia di Amerika Serikat) DC. It was my second time volunteering and I got directly 9++ hours hahaha. I also got a committee tag and it was the coolest committee tag that I’ve so far. The event took place in the Embassy of Indonesia. My Indonesian friend, Silvia, also did volunteering. And I was so happy because I could meet her. I also met a lot of Indonesian people and made friends with some of them. And the best part of this event were the foods! Yes, I could eat sate kambing and tempe goreng, not just once, but a couple times haha. I also could drink es cendol. I had a really fun night!

Okay, that’s all I can share with you. See you in my next post! Xoxo.


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